Our Horses


Horse with a great personality. He was bred with human being after his mother died giving him birth a day of storm.

It s a really calm horse, perfect for children and non experienced riders.


Docile and pleasant horse with a really good personality. His gaits are softs and really confortables.

Is adapted for kids and all experienced riders.


She is a mare untiring, ready to galop at the first signal. Se is proud, elegant and funny animal.

She is so smart she can always open doors to run away. Rideable only for really experienced riders.


Orion is a horse with calm and brave temper. He likes to keep the rythne of the group. He has fast and sporty gaits. He is really curious and always ready to make a race in the paddock. Only rideable for the guide.


Mambo is a young horse who recently arrived in the ranch. He is in proces of breeding. He is really volunteer with a nice and friendly temper. He really likes the water and to play with his friends. At the moment, he is rideable for people with a good experience.


Horse with a strong personality, he likes to play and bother his friends. With really safes and confortables paces, Margarito is a really smart horse who understands really well the orders. Children and adults with all kind of experiences can enjoy is motivation to work.

Solo Dios Sabe

Horse with a lot of motivation, is always ready for a walk. He has a realy friendly personality and he really likes to go faster. Sds is for medium experienced riders.


Horse with a lot of experience, he has a peaceful temper. He is a good mate for children and persons with few experience. He is always to take a good shower in the river.


Negro is a big horse who really likes the human being company and he is always looking for something to eat. He really likes to take sand bath. He has calm paces but he always up to a good galop.

He can be ride by all types of riders.


Huayra is a young mare in process of formation. She does a really good job in a group, she has really safes and confortables paces. Huayra is suitable for people with or without experience.


The really first horse we started the adventure with, 30 years ago. He still have a lot of energy and want to playwith his firends. Now, he is enjoying a well deserved and happy retirement.


Sicario is a tall horse with a docile and quiet temper. He has a good motivation to work and he´s always ready to galop. Sicario is suitable for confortables riders.


He was born on Chile´s national day, which gives him his name (18). Horse with a lot of character who really likes to be the leader of the group. He´s rideable by medium-experienced riders.


Horse with a peaceful temper, always ready to work. He likes to follow the group. Gaucho is rideable for all kind of riders.