Our Vision

By leading you through various routes and landscapes each time more beautiful, we’d like to transmit you our passion for horses and share with you our knowledge of these marvelous animals. Our mission is not only to lead you through the desert but also to teach you the handling of our horses or at least the basis necessary to feel comfortable on a horse.


This way of doing tourism, enables us to go through the desert using an ecological manner and to respect our environment. It’s an ancestral mean of travelling already used by our ancestors years ago and it enables us today to discover and travel all over the desert. In that way, you will be able to immerse yourself completely in the desert: live and feel it as it really is. It deals not about leading you from a place to another in order to see the most of things, but to take time to observe in details and with interest what is the Atacama Desert and what it is made up of. This is the vision we have of the type of tourism we are offering you today. We would like, that after having left this place, you really know what it is made up of and how is the life there. It’s also a way for you to learn the Chilean riding way and all its particularity.   Moreover our horses will enable you to go through unbelievable and hidden ways that are only accessible by horses. They know perfectly their job and each of the routes we are following. Their secure path will create a real complicity between you and your horse.


We favour small groups, to facilitate your adaptation and allow you to have a better experience. So you will be able to live intensively your experience in the desert and enjoy fully your stay here.