Weather and temperatures

  • San Pedro de Atacama has a high altitude desert climate characterized by abrupt changes of temperatures, strong winds intense solar radiation, scarce rainfall (35mm annual average) and great temperature oscillations between day and night.
  • In summer (December to March) although the temperature fluctuates between 25-30°C during the day and 16°C during the night, the sun nears the Tropic of Capricorn, causing radiation and strong evaporation, provoking sometimes rains and electric storms.
  • During the winter (June to August) the weather is very dry, it seldom rains the days are pleasantly cool with temperatures around the 20°C, nights are cold with an average temperature 4°C and often drops below freezing.
  • Sandstorms can sometimes occur.
  • Don’t forget that we are reaching some nights an altitude of 4100m. The temperatures can then easily fall until -10°C during winter time.
  • The 10 days trail starts at an altitude of 2 400 meters above the sea level and the highest point reached will be of 4 100 meters.