What to bring along with you

  • Due to the marked thermal fluctuation, it is necessary to bring summer clothing to wear during the day (cotton T-shirts, but also long-sleeved T-Shirt to protect your skin from the sun), as well as winter clothing to wear at nigh (polar flees, feather parka or coat, sweaters & jackets).
  • Walking shoes are recommended for the ride. It would also be useful to bring sandals, to wear after the riding day and to wear when there is possibility to take a bath in the lagoon for example.
  • Don’t forget to bring also sun glasses, sun hat, sun cream and of course bathing suit.
  • Water recipient, flashlight (torch) and the most important a good and warm sleeping bag.
  • It’s important also to bring along with you, your personal equipment like basic medicine (for headache, diarrhea, stomach ache, some wound-dressing…) and of course your own medicine if you have a special treatment. In case of special diseases or some particular allergies please let us know!